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Elemica European Supply Chain Conference A Huge Success

Actionable Insights on Supply Chain Operating Networks, Big Data, B2B Automation, Electronic Invoicing & More Shared

Exton, PA & Frankfurt, Germany – October 30, 2014 – Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process industries, … Continue Reading

Elemica to Present at AgGateway’s Annual Conference

Better Technology Leads to Better Agriculture

EXTON, PA – October 23, 2014 – Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process industries, announces that Gary Neights, Director of Product Management at Elemica will be speaking … Continue Reading

Staying on the Pulse of Logistics

Episode 2 of “Elemica Blue Crew” Available Now

“Elemica Blue Crew” features guests who are Supply Chain thought leaders, technologists, and solution architects.  The interview style facilitates the sharing of insights, ideas, and strategies in a way that’s … Continue Reading

Bring the Supply Chain To Your Enterprise

Removing the Friction Between Your ERP and the Outside-In Supply Chain

EDI systems are 30+ years old. They no longer work effectively in today’s challenging, hyper-competitive and volatile business environment. Combine that with the rigid requirements of a … Continue Reading

What Our Customers Have Known for Years

About Supplier Management and Direct Materials

In most companies, Supplier Management has always played second fiddle to customer and transportation management initiatives, and understandably so.  At the same time, while procurement has been internally concentrating manpower on controlling … Continue Reading