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Next-Generation Rail Fleet Management

Increased Strain from Increased Focus on Railway Systems

Over the past decade, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has allowed access to large volumes of shale gas that were previously uneconomical to produce. Alternative energy sources and … Continue Reading

Elemica Focus Group Meeting

Prioritizing Corporate Supply Chain Initiatives

Facilitated by Supply Chain Analyst, Lora Cecere, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights

Wayne, PA – April 08, 2015 – Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network provider for the process … Continue Reading

The 3 Key Benefits of Running a Supply Chain Operating Network

One, Two, Three!

Often when speaking with clients, the inevitable questions come up, “Elemica and industry analysts are promoting a Supply Chain Operating Network (SCON). What is it? What will it do for my company?”

It really comes … Continue Reading

B2B Integration – Taking It to the next Level

Managing Complexity with B2B Integration Processes

In the Process Industries – or any industry for that matter – you can’t do business or run a supply chain without some form of integration. Integration means different things to different … Continue Reading

Another Step to the Improvement of eSourcing across Europe

Effective eSourcing Improvements through European Legislation

This article gives a quick overview on how European legislation can effectively improve e-sourcing in the private sector all across Europe.

In the beginning of 2014, a new European directive was published … Continue Reading