WEBINAR: M&A Success through Digital Transformation

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WEBINAR: M&A Success through Digital Transformation
June 26, 2018 11:00 am
June 26, 2018 11:30 am
David Cahn
May 24, 2018


Is M&A Success Possible Without Digital Transformation?
The execution of a merger, divestiture or a joint venture process offers new transformative business model opportunities for organizations. Strategic supply chain decisions need to be made about consolidating inter-business processes on how the new organization will sell, buy and move its products with a larger set of supply chain trading partners. Digital Transformation is a key consideration during this time. Connecting trading partners into a Digital Supply Network plays a critical role in M&A integration activity success.

Register for a compelling 30-minute webinar:
In this webinar, process manufacturers will learn how including enterprise-level digital transformation discussions before or during this time adds innumerable benefits. The Dow Chemical Company will share how they handled technology integration and the importance of a digital supply network:

• Translate synergistic value for growth through M&A and what it means to you
• Create a checklist of the before and after supply chain integration considerations
• Achieve the advantages of a Digital Supply Network for your growth initiatives

Take away from the webinar Elemica lessons on connecting, automating, anticipating and eventually transforming into new business models for growth. Understand the implications of these initiatives on how you sell, buy, move and see your products through these transformed supply chains.

• Understand the role of master data management in the digital transformation process
• Combine trading partners using a low-risk and fast integrative approach
• Optimize your transformed business model using a Digital Supply Network for growth
• Leverage industry experience executing M&A, joint venture, and divesture integrations

Larry Weiner
I/S Architect

Steve Daigle
Director, Customer Solutions B2B Supply Chain Integration & Automation

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