With a Supply Chain Operating Network, your business is transformed from ordinary to extraordinary. Getting transaction data, across all your trading partners, and translating it into actionable information is key to driving value out of your supply chain. That keen insight is achieved by combining powerful SmartLink Applications with a robust QuickLink Network – allowing you to outpace your competition in an ever more volatile and complex marketplace.

Supply Chain Operating Network

Actionable Information.

Gain total control over your supply chain through integrated messaging, applications, and analytics across your entire network of trading partners.

Maximize business value

Clean, actionable, real-time information is the cornerstone for driving value out of the supply chain.

Easy Partner Connectivity

Supply chains are network centric - must be easy to onboard partners & translate into same language.


Outside in thinking - must support any process, any document, any protocol.

Fast and scalable

Master Data Management at network level ensures seamless data flow - must be fault tolerant and able to process huge transaction loads.

Many to Many architecture

Real performance achieved through universal business concepts.

Universal Business Concepts

Ensures data is transformed into actionable information. Provides structure to the data to allow for faster and more reliable analysis of the data.

Business intelligence


Elemica SmartLink Applications

Powerful Apps.

Solutions optimized for peak performance across the supply disciplines.

Elemica SmartLink Applications

Create results meeting your specific business objectives in customer, logistics, supplier, and sourcing management.

Logistics Management

Supplier Management

Sourcing Management

Universal Business Concepts

Allows consistent access to data. A dashboard view across multiple business processes.

Business Rules

Apply your specific business requirements to eliminate errors and increase performance.

Elemica QuickLink Network

Integrated Data.

Data is fundamental - everything is predicated on having it.

Elemica QuickLink Network

Create critical mass on a robust business network designed and built for the process industries.

Universal Business Concepts

Enables many-to-many model to drive critical mass and ensures data is transformed into actionable information.

Network Performance = Business Results

Actionable information drives transaction automation across trading partners.

Master Data Management

Synchronize and translate data across enterprises to ensure accuracy.

Validation & Cross Referencing

Enrich data for better performance and remove errors from your enterprise.

Multi Transaction Business Rules

Streamline your business processes to improve performance.

Elemica Social Collaboration

Communicate Clearly.

Efficient method for collaboration with many people across many companies.

Partner Discovery

Discover, create, and build new or more robust business relationships.

Partner On-Boarding

Critical mass achieved faster with social capabilities.

On-Boarding Program Management

Collaborative on-boarding campaigns.
Structured milestone management.
Efficient contracting.


Real time communication stream.

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