Elemica Blue Crew


“Elemica Blue Crew” features guests who are Supply Chain thought leaders, technologists, and solution architects. The interview style facilitates the sharing of insights, ideas, and strategies in a way that’s quick and easy to consume.

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Episode 5 – “Collective Creativity”

Matt Farmer, Software Engineer, chats about the power of open source development methods being employed by the Elemica technology team. Using collaborative approaches to develop and test, the team gains exposure to multiple views points and the collective knowledge of the community. Learn how we bring reliable, high quality solutions to the market to meet our customer’s supply chain goals. The challenges of high velocity innovation and using open source in a proprietary environment are shared as examples.


Previous Episodes

Episode 4 – “The Power of a Supply Chain Ecosystem”

Arun Samuga, VP of Research and Development, discusses the importance of being connected to a Supply Chain Operating Network (SCON). Using powerful tools to achieve mass onboarding, companies are able to effectively collaborate and take the market to a whole new level. Learn how automation and connection to a supply chain ecosystem transforms business. The challenges of adapting social supply chain methodologies in a business and the barriers to entry for network adoption are shared as examples.

Episode 3 – “Mapping the Way to Innovation”

Linda Schnall, SaaS Product Delivery Manager, gives insight on how the Elemica technology team develops and delivers new products. Pushing the boundaries of today’s technology and gathering user feedback, the team uses innovation balanced with user experience to meet their needs. Learn how we encourage our customers to imagine a different and better way to achieve their supply chain goals. The challenges of the ‘status quo’, change management and uncovering the deeper insights of user testing are shared as examples.

Episode 2 – “Logistics in a Supply Chain Operating Network”

Cindi Hane, VP of Product Management, presents innovative ways companies are using logistics networking strategies to achieve their goals.  By using a Supply Chain Operating Network (SCON) to close the gap on logistics information sharing, companies are able to accelerate the cash-to-cash cycle and achieve end-to-end visibility in their supply chains.  Learn why a powerful B2B Network platform, along with business process enablement apps and actionable analytics, is the recipe to ensure success. The challenges of proof of delivery, VAT regulations, and inventory control at trans-shipment points are shared as examples.

Episode 1 – “Suppliers with Differentiated Capabilities”

Gary Neights, Director of Product Management, presents evolving best practices being used to create differentiated capabilities by customer service and sales organizations in the process industries. Gaining real-time visibility into demand, leveraging solutions to deliver “perfect orders”, and having actionable information that aids keen decision making are all key. Learn why a powerful B2B Network platform, along with business process enablement apps and actionable analytics, is the recipe to ensure success. The challenge of integrating a critical mass of trading partners, and next generation “come as you are” technologies to overcome those challenges today, are shared.