Connect critical business functions to
create a digital supply chain that streamlines transactions and accelerates growth.

These days, most businesses have mastered ERP-level connectivity. But taking growth and efficiency to the next level means going beyond the enterprise to create a digital supply chain. And as a tech company with a 20-year legacy of innovation and supply chain expertise, Elemica makes connecting easy.

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How can supply chain connectivity power up your bottom line?

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Cut Down
on Errors
and Rework

From the immediate elimination of manual admin to negotiating lower freight rates, Elemica’s solution suites help improve business and operational performance while also cutting costs dramatically.

Getting maximum value from resources is critical. That’s why Elemica solution suites are so valued for their ability to optimize working capital requirements through the more intelligent management of inputs, inventory and investment.

Digitizing, connecting and automating supply chain functions makes everything happen more quickly: growth, payment, delivery, operational execution—everything. Elemica brings intelligent connectivity that helps your supply chain pick up the pace.

ERP systems help you get things right, but what about everyone else? A digital supply chain improves the accuracy and veracity of orders, purchases, deliveries and other important transactions across the supply chain.


An Elemica digital supply chain is made possible by technology such as a patented Universal Translator™ that lets you secure and send core data worldwide, as well as a powerful network connecting and enabling more than $600B in annual transactions.

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