About Elemica

Leading Supply
Chain Connectivity

Elemica transforms supply chains by gradually replacing manual, isolated and complex transactions with an efficient, interconnected and reliable supply chain network.

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Elemica's Supply
Chain Network


Intrapreneurs at a global Fortune 500 company push for solutions to help optimize global supply chains; venture goes independent following outpouring of demand.

Designed and developed an innovative technology platform hosted with AWS

Added three patents on the platform’s Universal Translator™, ensuring that trading partner data can be translated accurately between systems

Network participants top 16,000+ with a daily transaction volume of 1,000,000

Acquired GSQA, adding a quality assurance solution into the solution suite to improve product quality and maximize compliance

Acquired Eyefreight TMS, expanding our logistics platform to cater to automated planning for Full-Truck, Less-Than-Truckload and oceanshipments

Launched QuickLink Accelerate to speed up sales order management for long-tail customers and acquired ProcessWeaver to bring additional transportation execution capabilities including parcel shipments

Acquired OmPrompt, giving users of the Elemica platform augmented tools and capabilities including proprietary algorithms, additional artificial intelligence and enhanced scale.

Transforming Global

Empowering Supply
Chains Worldwide

The world’s leading corporations throughout the United States and Europe use the Elemica network to enable 1,000,000+ supply chain transactions daily.

Offering Connectivity
with Credibility

Not just another tech company, our team offers decades of focused supply chain experience. From costing strategies to 3PL optimization, we’ve seen it all.

Making it Manageable
and Affordable

Get traction and quantifiable results ASAP with supply chain digitization and connectivity initiatives you actually put into action right now incrementally.

Shaping the Field of Supply Chain

Our leadership team does more than innovate. By working closely with customers worldwide, as well as a number of strategic partners and policy makers, Elemica’s technical, commercial and operational leaders are helping shape the very direction of supply chain management as a discipline.

Getting Started

There’s a lot of big talk about the benefits of an interconnected supply chain network. Yet many enterprises delay and struggle with implementation. Why? In large part because finding a logical, economical and manageable starting point can be tough. But we can help.