Your supply chain is complex.
Elemica’s digitization solutions simplify and streamline every aspect.

From mastering supplier relationships to optimizing customer retention, plug into one or all of the Elemica suites to bring the power of connectivity to your supply chain.

Solutions Suites

Each of Elemica’s solution suites brings together multiple connectivity modules—each designed to digitize, integrate, streamline and optimize specific transactions comprising mission-critical supply chain functionality. These solutions work together to streamline the end-to-end supply chain.

How can you improve supply chain performance through our solution suites?

Streamline and
de-risk sourcing and procurement

• Drive more value from suppliers

• Lock in more sourcing confidence

• Optimize inventory spend

• Streamline procure-to-pay

• Ensure quality and compliance

Make logistics more efficient and economical

• Stop paying avoidable fees and fines

• Drive out manual tasks and avoidable risks

• Simplify overseas logistics

• Spend less on freight

• Ensure a strong customer experience

Simplify order-to-cash processes and reduce order costs

• Make better use of sales and service personnel

• Improve order accuracy and customer retention

• Get customer data right the first time

• Optimize customer inventory and delivery schedules

• Streamline invoicing and payment

Uphold quality standards more efficiently and cost effectively

• Manage supplier quality in systematic fashion

• Track supplier shipments across product manufacturing

• Uphold QA/QC standards with less administrative waste

• Improve the ease and efficiency of quality audits

• Share quality data with potential customers more easily

Improve decision quality through greater supply chain visibility

• Take the guesswork out of your supply chain

• Get supply chain information in a more timely manner

• Improve instances of on-spec shipments

• Track supplier performance more systematically

• Finally know where customer and facility shipments stand

Plug your supply chain into something powerful.

These solutions are made possible by advanced data integration technology such as our patented Universal Translator™, which translates and accurately transmits hundreds of supply chain data variables in real-time to trading partners. And by connecting to the industry’s leading digital supply chain network, you’ll join an elite digital ecosystem that gives you a growth advantage.