Streamline Quality Across
the Supply Chain

Conventional quality processes demand extensive admin and time-consuming communication—especially when reaching outside the enterprise. But Elemica Assure™ creates digital connections that accelerate and automate quality functions so you can maintain the highest standards without wasting time or money.

Internal and
Supplier Quality

Elemica Assure™ offers modules to help master your internal quality control and assurance processes, as well as those to help ensure that suppliers are meeting quality, contract and compliance standards as well.

Get Real-Time
Quality Insights

From validating specifications to tracking third-party quality processes such as lab work or quality-related auditing, Elemica Assure™ lets you see the status online—and even configure helpful alerts surrounding milestones or issues.


Just because you’re serious about quality doesn’t mean you can’t get aggressive with quality-related cost controls. Elemica Assure™ helps reduce material variability and waste while increasing confidence and compliance.

Ready to Start Simplifying Quality?

Make both compliance and excellence more efficient across the supply chain with Elemica Assure™ solutions suite. Just connect with a technical advisor.