Electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA)

Electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA) automates quality functions between internal departments and trading partners—digitizing approval of inbound or outbound product specifications and more.


Get More Control Over
the Quality Function

Compare buyer and supplier specs to prevent problems with the customer or at the plant. Automate quality-related transactions, data exchange and criteria with Electronic Certificates of Analysis so it can be managed with less admin, risk and time investment.

Reduce Material-Related
Risk, Cost and Variability

With a more efficient exchange of quality authentication between trading partners, manufacturers are able to stop off-spec materials and components at the gates. Sellers are able to better ensure consistent quality and all parties make the most of their spend.

Empower Forensic

Having to ask “What went wrong?” is never fun. But when it’s unavoidable, the e-COA brings the product pedigree needed for root-cause answers. These authentications also enable better supplier assessment or value prop support.


Issue Inbound or
Outbound e-COAs

Share spec, certification and quality verification data either way—inbound to quality check suppliers or outbound to ensure that your organization is living up to its commitment to strong QA/QC across the supply chain.

Integrate Quality
Data Seamlessly

Back-office to back-office connectivity creates a shared repository of quality and spec data with customers or suppliers. Data and requests happen in real-time within user-integrated ERP systems; no more lags due to missed email or voicemail.

Improve QA/QC
Data Analysis

Arm your company and clients to master Six Sigma and associate quality analytics with powerful data used to calculate KPIs such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Performance (Ppk), Process Capability (Cpk) and other useful metrics.

Share a Comprehensive

Data Set

Let your e-COA certify countless quality specific and certification details including standard COA data (product, PO, BOL, serial/lot, dates, etc.), ASN, country of origin and dozens of other data fields.

18 %

improvement in specification validation

0.7 %

reduction in product quality issues

78 %

average reduction in COA-related admin