Manufacturing Quality

Master in-house quality by digitizing, storing and sharing material and product quality data to help uphold high manufacturing quality standards. Document, track and assess materials, components, assemblies, etc.—correlating them to finished products throughout their lifecycle.


Streamline Internal
Quality Management

By gaining more QA/QC visibility, and in real-time, users of the Elemica Assure™ Manufacturing Quality Management module spend less time and money on quality-related administration. Users are also more responsive to quality challenges.

Track Real-Time Material

The Manufacturing Quality Management module lets you explore which products were made from which raw materials or components at a glance, for easier understanding of product genealogy and resource management.

Improve Quality-Related

Better information means better decisions. From reducing accounting errors to understanding when a missed spec might cause problems or being able to take steps to protect customer and supplier relationships—make the right call every time.


Link Raw Materials
with Finished Product

System lets you see where specific batches go within the plant, accessing and sharing their quality characteristics throughout the product lifecycle.

Share Quality-Related Data
Across the Enterprise

Make accessing quality data from the factory floor, and from suppliers, easy for everyone with digitized, organized data available to anyone.

Reduce the Risk of
Yield Losses and Rework

Increasing the level of digitization, connectivity and automation means tighter document organization, less manufacturing waste and a greater overall yield.

Enhanced Batch
Quality Assessment

Instant access to in-house batch quality data means less risk of off-spec material making its way through the system where it could impact economics.

100 %

tracking of the
material lifecycle

11 %

less QA/QC admin time on average

.04 %

greater average
overall yield

Digitize Key Quality Data Now

Stop managing manufacturing quality the hard way. Digitize and connect material tracking and batch quality control with the Elemica Assure™ Manufacturing Quality Management module.