Supplier Quality Management

Quality products start with quality materials. That’s why the Elemica Assure™ Supplier Quality Management module helps you control the quality of incoming materials, parts, components and other inputs by accessing manufacturer material specification and other data directly.


Simplify Supplier

Supplier Quality Management lets you access supplier material specs, documentation and more directly and collaboratively. Verify incoming specs and streamline the process of managing changes or resolving corrective actions.

Make Auditing

Streamline quality audits and regulatory compliance checks with a ready archive of supply chain quality data. Access not only specs and shipment data but also process capability index (Cck), process performance (Ppk) and other trends or metrics.

Reduce Out-of-Spec

Supplier connectivity makes specification enforcement more efficient—protecting end product quality and supplier relationships. The module can also help manage special out-of-spec variance approval in a way that won’t slow you down.


Direct Digital Supplier

Shared collaborative system between your company and its suppliers, providing an ERP-integrated all-in-one system with no limit to its scalability.

Online Spec

Verify and validate shipment specifications automatically as a part of the purchasing process. This digital process means less admin and more time spent on other things.

Assign Corrective
Actions Digitally

Communicate supplier corrective actions instantly through system connectivity—no playing phone tag or emails that get lost in the shuffle.

Easy Audits, Scorecards
and Analysis

Assess supplier performance in a way that’s organized and well informed, giving you the data you need to make the best decisions possible.

7 %

average improvement in specification accuracy


min corrective action requests

2 %

better overall quality metrics

Upgrade Supplier Quality Now

Make it easier and more efficient to keep input quality in check with the Elemica Assure™ Supplier Quality Management module. Contact an Elemica rep using the button below.