Traceability and Compliance

The Elemica Assure™ Traceability and Compliance module helps improve quality and compliance performance via direct, digital access to a manufacturing operation’s quality data. Ditch the old school binders and take accountability and continual improvement to the next level.


Simplify Quality and
Compliance Management

Digitize and organize material quality data in a way that reduces admin and improves organization with Traceability and Compliance. Share and review real-time data across plants and partners—correlating raw materials to end-use goods.

Get in Front of
Potential Issues

This module tightens compliance and quality validations before there’s a problem. With real-time access to plant data and quality status, as well as easy generation of corrective action requests, everyone can work together to keep quality high.

Streamline Audits
and Audit Tracking

Audits don’t have to be stressful. Whether you’re fulfilling a regulatory requirement or just upping your game for continual improvement’s sake, the Elemica Assure™ Traceability and Compliance module makes.


Document a Total
Product Provenance

The Elemica Assure™ Traceability and Compliance module lets you generate a 100 percent comprehensive product genealogy that gives you insights into every single material, component, assembly or other input used in the construction of the product.

See Audit Results
and Certifications

Get instant access to supplier audit results and certifications, receive and share Elemica Electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA), and review other regulatory documentation such as FDA, ISO 9000, ANSI, ASME, etc.

Manage Corrective
Actions Efficiently

The Elemica Assure™ Traceability and Compliance module lets you perform Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA) planning collaboratively and in an organized way, as well as send and manage corrective action requests with an infinite number of suppliers.

4 %

average improvement in supply quality KPIs

52 %

average reduction in material auditing admin

100 %

visibility into product genealogy

Tighten Traceability and Compliance Now

Further reduce the risk of quality issues and non-compliance, while slashing QA-related admin. Upgrade accountability with the Elemica Assure™ Traceability and Compliance module today.