Delivery Forecast

The Elemica Buy™ Delivery Forecast module automates the scheduling agreement process to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheets for more efficiency, tighter planning and less risk.


Improve Order Planning

With more visibility into forecasted deliveries from supplier scheduling agreements you can plan more accurately, better manage risk, optimize inventory investment and right-size operational resources.

Reduce Admin and Errors

Many companies use exported or homemade delivery forecast spreadsheets to help keep track of scheduling agreement deliveries. But this manual method is prone to errors, and simply is not efficient from a resource utilization standpoint.

Improve Visibility

Gaining visibility into a supplier’s delivery schedule via their actual ERP makes everything relating to delivery forecasting easier, from communicating demand to knowing when to modify or cancel orders.


Proprietary Forecasting Engine

The Delivery Forecast module features a proprietary forecasting engine that analyzes real-time supplier delivery data that lets you initiate or change orders in an optimized fashion.

Intelligent Digital Collaboration

Connect suppliers through automated digital infrastructure that helps prevent order duplications, confirm proper specifications and manage other basics with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Automated Change Order Detection

Suppliers connected to your enterprise through the Delivery Forecast module not only get real-time insight into order commitments but are also notified when you make changes based on forecasting data.

21 %

average increase in data accuracy

49 %

average scheduling agreement-related time savings

100 %

confirmation of order specifications, changes and estimated delivery

Optimize Delivery Forecasts Now

Take the stress, cost and risk out of managing delivery forecasts by connecting with the Elemica Buy™ Delivery Forecast module. Reach out to a representative using the button below.