Electronic Certificates of
Analysis (e-COA)

As part of the Elemica Buy™ solution suite, an inbound Electronic Certificates of Analysis (e-COA) lets you digitally authenticate supplier product specifications to ensure that all supplier materials are fit for purpose and prevent production disruptions.


Retain Control Over
Supplier Quality

Module lets you automate quality-related supplier interactions by demanding a special Electronic Certificate of Analysis that authenticates acceptable materials by suppliers, issuing this green light only when inputs meet specs for tighter quality assurance.

Protect Production

By keeping incorrect or substandard materials out of the plant, you can help protect uptime, eliminate material or component-related rework and delays, as well as help reduce investment in pre-production inventory.

Better Qualify and
Rank Suppliers

Since supplier-related quality metrics relating to order acceptability are kept digitally and automatically, you can now come to supplier decisions better armed with the data and insights you need.

Collect a Robust
Supplier Data Set

The Elemica Buy™ Electronic Certificates of Analysis module lets you collect Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process Acceptability (Ppk) and time-related trends so you can fuel Six Sigma or general manufacturing procurement improvement efforts with solid data.


Correlates Supplier
Materials to Orders

The module’s digital certificates enable you to assign inputs to an end product, for a permanent record of material traceability. This can assist in auditing or root cause analysis efforts in the future.

Easy Documentation

System automates supplier data collection and lets you customize how and when data is captured. Also lets you access, print and share your Certificate of Analysis with other internal stakeholders or supply chain partners.

Corrective Action

When a supplier, material or component does not quite meet specification, the system allows you to digitally communicate the problem and automatically request an appropriate correction and corresponding action plan.


average reduction of pre-manufacturing inventory


faster defect detection and isolation


average improvement in auditing efficiency

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