Purchase Order Management

A critical part of the procure-to-pay process, millions of purchase orders are generated worldwide. The Elemica Buy™ Purchase Order Management module ties your order system into supplier ERPs to automate the sharing, validation and alteration of purchase orders across the supply chain.


Improve Order Accuracy

Enabling direct back-office purchase order integration with your suppliers and service providers means no more errors due to manual entry, miscommunication or other human-related order risks.

Accelerate Order Processing

Correct orders are submitted automatically, enabling your enterprise to get what you need from suppliers in a streamlined manner, manage efficiently by exception and execute more quickly for your own customers.

Better Manage Risk

Purchase order oversights can incur six-figure expedited freight costs, inventory mistakes, production delays, overspend in raw materials, increased operating expense and even the loss of major customers. This module helps manage these risks by enabling oversight mitigation well in advance of delivery.

Assess Suppliers Accurately

The Elemica Buy™ Purchase Order Management module also arms you with better data for assessing supplier performance. So you can create tighter total cost calculations and better prepare for negotiations and decisions.


Direct ERP Connection

Digitized purchase order information—including changes and cancellations—can be shared directly to supplier ERP, establishing an ERP-to-ERP purchase order process that keeps all parties on the same page across the supply chain.

Total Lifecycle Management

End to end order lifecycle management including creation, changes, responses, cancellations, shipment, delivery, invoice and payment.

Configure to Your Process

The Elemica Buy™ Purchase Order Management module is configured around your existing purchase order process and ERP system, so you don’t have to go through the process of creating new workflows.

Optional Enterprise Portal

An enterprise portal is also available to suppliers unable to connect directly, giving them easy access to the current version of the order without having to search through emails. Also lets users respond digitally with just a few clicks.

28 %

average improvement in order accuracy

17 %

average acceleration in order execution speed

3.3 %

average improvement in capital efficiency

Transform PO Efficiency Now

Start avoiding unnecessary purchasing risk, waste and cost. Tighten your procurement process and protect your business with the Elemica Buy™ Purchase Order Management module.