QuickLink Automate Buy

Back-end connectivity with suppliers transforms efficiency. But full-scale implementation doesn’t always make sense. QuickLink Automate Buy lets you digitize Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and automate purchasing without a direct digital ERP-to-ERP integration.


Automate POs without Implementation

QuickLink Automate Buy lets users convert electronic order data to email, and then email confirmations to ERP data—all without back-end connectivity. Perfect for “long tail” suppliers whose smaller orders really add up on the aggregate.

Fast-Track Supplier Onboarding

QuickLink Automate Buy starts working instantly helping maintain quick and easy onboarding standards that give both you and your end customers more options. All without logins, credentialing or portals.

Lower Operating Costs

This module isn’t about lowering headcount. Users of QuickLink Automate Buy save in many ways, including the elimination of time-consuming data entry, optimizing working capital, preventing freight expedition, improving supply security and more.

More Order Accuracy

Help suppliers get things right and avoid miscommunications or oversights by automating the process and reducing the element of human error.

No Change Management

Automate P2P directly from your ERP to the Elemica network, much as you would with a full ERP-to-ERP connection. Suppliers gain the speed and accuracy associated with automation through their preferred method of email communication.


Real-Time Order Entry

Email-based order data is converted into ERP data automatically as soon as it’s received via email; no time-wasting communications with suppliers

Flexible Data Formats

Converts email-based order data from a variety of file formats into ERP data that can be used in a number of ways.

Simplified System Testing

Testing QuickLink Automate is required only once, rather than the more robust testing protocols demanded when establishing an ERP connection (and having to repeat the process with every single supplier).

Requires Only an Email Address

No need for suppliers to register, log into a portal, manage online credentials or have any other special technical capabilities or systems.

250 %

average increase in order entry speed

9 %

average improvement in order accuracy


back-end implementation
required with
suppliers or vendors