Strategic Sourcing

Don’t let sourcing overwhelm you; deploy advanced technology with the Elemica Buy™ Strategic Sourcing module. This helpful tool automates mission-critical sourcing functions—optimizing decisions and helping make the best use of resources.


Source More

The Elemica Buy™ Strategic Sourcing module combines digital supplier connectivity with custom scenarios and a data-rich environment to help model sourcing solutions that optimize both the purchase and the process.

Reduce Procurement

The more you know, the more you save. The Strategic Sourcing module helps you make the best possible purchase decision by optimizing for supplier reliability, quality and value so you can get more from every supplier relationship.

Eliminate Admin
and Overhead

The Elemica Buy™ Strategic Sourcing module helps you plan, manage and execute sourcing and supplier-related tasks more quickly, so you can eliminate costly overhead and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.

Get Value from
the Network

Gain instant access to thousands of suppliers across the Elemica network, with a host of global-class companies already connected and ready to do business. Build category knowledge, develop specialized supplier relationships and fast-track growth today.


Optimized Data

The system lets you capture, categorize and optimize sourcing-related ERP master data in a way that brings more clarity, flexibility and profitability to source and spending decisions.

Advanced Spend

Configure the Elemica Buy™ Strategic Sourcing module to help better visualize your supply network, leverage buying power, assess supplier performance and ensure that benchmarks and best practices are maintained consistently.

Auction and Technology

This module is completely platform and environment agnostic, integrating with any ERP, and has the flexibility to manage any type of RFI, RFx or other digital auction format.

59 %

average improvement in sourcing efficiency

12 %

average savings in overall spend


average work hours eliminated from annual sourcing activities

Streamline Sourcing Now

Connect with existing and potential suppliers in a way that’s better for everyone with the Elemica Buy™ Strategic Sourcing module. We have a team of expert sourcing consultants that can help you automate as well as improve processes for a more efficient sourcing function. Reach out today.