Vendor Managed Inventory

Admin. Planning problems. Struggles with safety stock. Let’s face it: exchanging inventory spreadsheets isn’t ideal. The Elemica Buy™ Vendor Managed Inventory module digitizes and shares inventory data directly into buyer enterprise systems for more efficiency.


Tighter Supplier

The Elemica Buy™ Vendor Managed Inventory module gives suppliers real-time insights into inventory status, desired safety stock levels and other key VMI signals. Everybody stays on the same page by accessing the same core data.

Reduced Admin

Building out and sharing spreadsheets via email takes forever. With Vendor Managed Inventory, procurement leadership and other team members can spend more time on strategic functions and less on tedious administration.

Fewer Data
Entry Errors

It takes just one big supplier oversight to make all parties not want to repeat the process. The Elemica Buy™ Vendor Managed Inventory module means no more data entry errors and the unpleasant, and expensive, surprises that accompany them.

Optimized Inventory

Not having the desired amount of safety stock can be a disaster. But so can unwise inventory investment. Vendor Managed Inventory lets you strike the most profitable balance for the best possible use of all parties’ resources.


Direct Enterprise

Establish a digitized inventory platform for more collaborative replenishment and planning, reducing both costs and stress for everyone involved. And all without complex planning tools that are expensive for suppliers to buy and configure.

Advanced Planning

Help suppliers plan more effectively with Vendor Managed Inventory’s proprietary planning algorithm, which alerts suppliers of potential issues.

Onboard Suppliers in
Hours, Not Days

Suppliers can be integrated into the system quickly–in fact just a few hours. And no heavy investment of time or IT resources is required on the part of suppliers, making the solution easy to scale.

Dedicated Application Portal

Suppliers can view inventory levels and alerts on a dedicated Vendor Managed Inventory application portal for easy insights, analysis and planning.

75 %

average improvement in inventory errors

18 %

average reduction
in working capital


day average implementation time

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