Optimize Supply
Chain Logistics

The Elemica Move™ suite gives you tools to connect and collaborate digitally with shippers and other logistics service providers for lower freight costs, better customer care and stronger execution. Around $10T USD is spent on global logistics each year; get your money’s worth with Elemica Move™.

Improve Visibility
and Overall

Connect with a powerful global carrier network for unprecedented insights into shipping and other logistics operations in real time. Get instant alerts, widespread logistics performance data and more visibility across the supply chain.

Lower Freight Costs
and Optimize Working Capital

By connecting with carriers, Elemica Move™ users lower freight costs through better communication, smarter planning and more responsiveness. And, armed with more carrier data, they’re in a better position to negotiate rates and terms.

Protect Service
Levels and Market

Stronger logistics planning and tighter carrier collaboration helps keep customer service strong, protecting market share. Get info such as real-time status updates and agile shipping adjustments when needed to keep service strong.

Admin Time

From freight invoicing to manual shipment booking and one-by-one coordination of delivery times, Elemica Move™ modules help eliminate time-consuming manual administration in favor of automated transactions that save everyone time.

Ready to Power Up Your Logistics?

Stop wasting logistics-related time and budget by putting Elemica Move™ to work for your supply chain. Just connect with a technical advisor.