ePOD Mobile App

The Elemica Move™ ePOD Mobile App provides ground carrier location data from long-tail logistics service providers that don’t have GPS—integrating this data into your ERP. Track shipments, share PODs, run check calls and more for savings and better service. All enabled by everyday mobile devices.


Save on Every


Eliminate manual booking, check-call, milestone reporting or other transactions that require human interaction in favor of a digital, automated system that delivers ground carrier location data to your ERP system.

Protect Customer


Better communication with carriers, and more insight into shipping status and options, means an improved customer experience with fewer complaints, less risk and faster payments.

Serve International


Ground carriers in developing countries may not have GPS-enabled fleets, and yet represent huge potential growth in coming years. The ePOD Mobile App lets you bring mission-critical shipping data from these carriers to your ERP.


Quick, Flexible


The ePOD Mobile App installs on everyday phones and other mobile devices in just minutes, making it accessible to practically every ground carrier around the world.

See All Transaction Types

Automate and access booking data, electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) confirmation, digital signature capture, delivery feedback, route information and other shipment data.

Dedicated User

Elemica customers access the ePOD Mobile App data using a dedicated user portal that’s easy to use and covers all connected carriers and shipments around the world.

Global Data Normalization

System uses the Elemica Universal Translator™ to manage milestones, reason codes, responses and other common transactional values.



20 dollar

savings on every shipment

100 %


Connect Non-GPS Carriers Now

Don’t let ground carriers with light tech capabilities introduce risk, delay or unnecessary cost into your operation. Keep everyone connected with the Elemica ePOD Mobile App.