Eyefreight TMS

Connect transportation providers directly to your ERP system for real-time updates and total logistical awareness. Eyefreight TMS automatically finds the best combination of routes and carriers to get your delivery to its destination on time and at the lowest cost; even without human intervention, if desired.

Streamlined logistics for one and all.

Customized and right-sized—whether you're a one-man show or a global, multi-billion-dollar enterprise—our solutions create efficiencies for any business, large or small.

Smarter shipping

Acquiring ProcessWeaver expanded capabilities for both companies and will provide a best-in-class-level resource for shipment execution.


Manage Transportation
More Proactively

The Elemica Move™ Eyefright TMS module lets you not only see real-time shipping data, but also take control of transportation operations. That means knowing where any shipment stands worldwide (along with time, cost and quality impacts), managing deviations proactively, optimizing both inbound and outbound loads and being able to approve or reject costs in real-time.

Reduce Shipping

Save 5–10 percent on freight cost overall and between $15 and $25 on labor cost per shipment. Perform comparison costs, automated invoice matching, carrier contract review, order consolidation, load optimization and dozens of other shipping-related cost management functions to help maximize carrier value.

Maintain Strong
Customer Service

More shipping awareness means that you’ll be aware of logistics-related issues prior to just a customer complaint. You’ll have the information you need now, not when it’s too late, so you can keep customer shipments on track and protect both customer experience and brand reputation.

Enhance Sustainability

By being able to automatically optimize both inbound and outbound shipping loads, and through a number of other Elemica Move™ Eyefreight TMS capabilities, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gasses—deploying fewer vehicles and reducing vehicle wait times.


Total Transportation
Data Integration

System connects and automates communication with carriers, forwarders and other third-party logistics providers to enable collaborative transportation management with dozens of analytical and functional capabilities.


The Elemica Move™ Eyefreight TMS module’s patented transportation algorithms identify optimal transportation arrangements using real-time carrier rates, load capacity guidelines, modalities, delivery requirements and more.
So you ship more efficiently while spending less.

Order Consolidation
and Load Optimization

The system lets you consolidate orders based on location, delivery window, product type and other parameters—as well as optimize inbound and outbound loads simultaneously. Consolidate orders based on location, delivery window and package dimensions

Customization and

Configure routing entries and rules, business-related rules, user-specific algorithm profiles, business event subscriptions, tariff sheets, deviations, extra costs, user roles, reporting KPIs and more. The system even performs shipment tendering, shipping document generation and cost audits/settlements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor load deliveries in real-time—enabling on-the-fly event, exception and cost management so you can make decisions when they count.

Multimodal Support

The Elemica Move™ Eyefreight TMS Support all transportation modes: road, sea, air, rail, barge, LCL, FCL, LTL, FTL, parcel, both inbound and outbound.

22 %

average improvement in shipment efficiency

4 %

average shipping spend savings

100 %

shipment planning automation

Take Control of Shipping

Less spending. More control. Fewer problems that impact customers or procurement teams. Connect and automate shipping transactions with the Elemica Move™ Eyefreight TMS module.