Freight Cost Management

Not only can it be difficult to save on freight, but it can also be tough to even understand how much you’re spending and why. But the Elemica Move™ Freight Cost Management module lets you collaborate with carriers on freight cost assessorials and deviations to automate cost accruals and maximize freight savings.


Eliminate Unnecessary Invoices

Rather than getting dozens of invoices through a variety of channels and platforms, Freight Cost Management lets you collaborate with carriers through an ERP-to-ERP connection.

Lower Freight Spending

Add discipline and scrutiny to accessorial charging, cutting out incorrect charges. Allows early payment discounts, and reduces labor costs by eliminating dispute resolution. Also creates a system of record for costs that can be charged to customers, recovering freight charges paid.

Eliminates Invoice Auditing

Cut out all of the time and money that’s spent during the auditing process by working with carriers collaboratively as you go and staying on the same page.

Strong Carrier Adoption Rates

Carriers love working with the Elemica Move™ Freight Cost Management module because they get paid more quickly, and it helps them improve customer service and ratings.


“Know as You Go” Accruals

By establishing an ERP Connection with hundreds, or even thousands, of carriers, you’ll know as accruals are incurred so there are no rogue assessorial cost items. Keep freight-related accounting accurate—stopping the surprises and overspend.

Real-Time Negotiations and Approvals

Unpredictable assessorial charges are stressful and make cost management difficult. Take control by being able to negotiate extra costs in real time digitally—and even accept/reject carrier charges as you go before the final freight invoice.

Automated Freight Payments

Make payments digitally through an automated ERP platform; no more paper invoices. Let carriers bill to freight invoices based on pre-approved shipment costs or perform payments based on self-billing.

Direct Carrier Communications

Send queries, negotiate fees, communicate potential problems and approve or reject fees directly and digitally. No more time-consuming phone tag, unresponsive carriers or emails lost in a spam folder.

85 %

of freight-related invoices eliminated

34 dollars

average operating cost savings per shipment

100 %

digital carrier communication

Reduce Freight Costs Now

Stop getting slammed with unknown freight costs at every turn. Deploy the Elemica Move™ Freight Cost Management module to streamline freight cost administration and take control of spending today.