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Integrating carrier data into your ERP is a tremendous advantage. But direct connectivity for all carriers isn’t always feasible or affordable. The Elemica Move™ QuickLink Automate module digitizes shipment transactions with the long-tail of road carriers, ensuring automation of 100 percent of your shipments.


Digitize Shipment Data

The Elemica Move™ QuickLink Automate module on-boards logistics service providers quickly, digitizing logistics processes and transactions—integrating carrier data from smaller carriers who were previously “data dark.” Includes booking, instructions, status, proof of delivery and more. Book shipments electronically, track status, assess carriers effectively and more.

Skip the Implementation

The Elemica Move™ QuickLink Automate module captures shipping data straight from your email platform—requiring no IT implementation or carrier involvement whatsoever. In fact, carriers aren’t even aware that anything has changed.

Save on Shipping Costs

Some estimates show that this module alone can save shippers up to $47 per shipment via more accurate, timely and comprehensive shipment-related data. This includes reduction in premium freight rates, cancellations, returns, detention and demurrage charges, oversights and more.

Improve Customer Service

Better data and decisions eventually mean better service for customers. QuickLink Automate users prevent costly errors and upset customers, improving customer retention rates and locking in buyer trust over the long term.


Automated Booking

Eliminate manual booking and check-call by digitizing and automating the shipping process. You can also process changes and cancellations digitally. Especially useful with smaller carriers that might not have a robust technology environment.

Instant Shipment Details

QuickLink Automate lets you give carriers access to instructions and details digitally, even printing shipping instructions. And shippers get access to shipment status
and issues in a way that’s connected to the ERP.

Mobile Access

Users can access the Elemica Move™ QuickLink Automate module from any mobile phone or internet-enabled smart device around the world. That means both shippers and carriers are able to access critical shipment details on the go.

47 dollars

average savings
per shipment


days cut from average logistics cycle

100 %

visibility into previously dark small carrier data

Connect Carrier Data Now

Any logistics service provider. Any part of the world. Any mode of transport. Connect, book and see when it counts with the Elemica Move™ QuickLink Automate module.