Terminal and Warehouse

Third-party logistics facilities each have their own digital environment. The Elemica Move™ Terminal and Warehouse Visibility module integrates shipment and inventory data from across your third-party storage locations into your ERP to improve customer service and speed up your cash-to-cash cycle.




Optimize the flow of goods, eliminating shipment delays and potential oversights so customers get orders more quickly—and you get paid. Terminal and Warehouse Visibility removes the data roadblocks from these critical partners around the world.

Save on Logistics

Incongruous data environments for all of these facilities can be expensive. Save an average of $5,000 per warehouse or terminal location through the digitalization of inventory and shipment data.

Avoid Point-to-Point Connections

Get digital data from carriers, warehouses and terminal facilities integrated directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; but do it all with the convenience of the Elemica network.

Protect Service Levels

With more insight into what’s going on at these facilities, you can protect your ability to serve the customer—responding to potential issues before there is a problem and getting in front of customer service issues in general.


Acquire Key

Shipment Data

System lets you capture, synchronize and analyze key shipment and inventory data from facilities. This includes inbound shipment receipts, onhand inventory, outbound shipment processing status, real-time inventory adjustments, PGI/PGR positive confirmation and more.

Universal Translator™

Elemica’s patented Universal Translator™ standardizes message formats and business processes across thousands of facilities using Universal Business Documents—ensuring that everyone is on the same page.



Use the system to configure alerts that notify you of critical issues—such as when inventories reach a specified trigger point, etc.

Zero Facility Participation

Not only is there no back-end IT integration required but your host warehouses and terminals do not have to take any action whatsoever. In fact, the installation is 100 percent within your enterprise—host facilities don’t even realize you’ve upgraded your shipment and inventory data capabilities.

5000 dollars

average savings per warehouse or terminal

20 dollars

per shipment in average savings


effort required on the part of host facilities

Streamline Terminal and Warehouse Visibility Now

Don’t let these mission-critical business partners slow down your business. See what’s there and speed things up with the Elemica Move™ Terminal and Warehouse Visibility module.