Time Slot Management

The uncoordinated comings and goings of ground transportation around your facility costs more than you think. But the Elemica Move™ Time Slot Management module connects you to carriers digitally to automate and optimize scheduling in a more collaborative way.


Streamline Loading

and Unloading

Connect digitally with ground carriers to share calendars and agree upon delivery or pick-up appointments, spreading out traffic and helping you optimize operations. Time Slot Management’s automated booking locks in the best slots the easy way.

Reduce Shipping


Eliminate wait fees through smarter coordination and collaboration. No more spending money due to suboptimal planning; let carriers be a part of the solution through a shared coordination platform.

Optimize Facility Workflow

Nobody benefits when you have empty loading bays one hour and 20 trucks stacked up the next. By establishing a reasonable schedule, you can prevent unnecessary strains on personnel and resources that keep your facility running more smoothly.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Trucks waiting around to unload are emitting unnecessary CO2 emissions that contribute to climate change. Do your part by scheduling the smart way and avoiding the emissions that come with these wait times.


Automated Carrier


The system’s proprietary scheduling engine automates the negotiation of loading and unloading times without time-wasting phone calls or emails. And it proposes only those scheduling options which are feasible and desirable.

Change Appointments


Need to switch things around? Request changes on the fly in a way that makes appointment negotiation convenient for everyone.

Total Loading/Unloading


Use the Elemica Move™ Time Slot Management module to see milestones and status of delivery in real time, relay special instructions, create appointment tasks, get predictions and more.

Robust Booking System

Time Slot Management even lets you enter resource constraints such as limited numbers of bays, personnel, crane availability, third-party coordination or other considerations and takes them into account when scheduling.

36 dollars

average operating cost savings per shipment

78 %

average reduction in carrier wait fees

3.5 %

average reduction in CO2 emissions

Organize Traffic Today

Stop the chaos surrounding ground shipments and start running traffic flow with savings and precision through the Elemica Move™ Time Slot Management module.