Transportation Execution

Connect digitally with carriers and third-party logistics providers to automate shipping transactions. Bring shipping into the digital supply chain for more visibility, streamlined shipments, low shipping cost and fewer mistakes.


Automate Shipping

By establishing a digital connection with shippers across the supply chain, you can automate shipping transactions such as booking, status, instructions, Proof of Delivery (POD) and more with an unlimited number of carriers.

Improve Shipping

Better visibility, data and decision-making tools will mean fewer errors and better customer service. Carriers can collaborate on shipping details and make decisions more quickly. And you’ll have better data with which to assess carrier performance.

Reduce Transportation

Improve carrier communication and get real-time data that reduces oversights, fees, expedition charges and rates. You’ll also reduce DSO and accelerate your cash-to-cash cycle. The system even lets you manage by exception, making the most of resources.

Fewer Shipment Errors

Digitizing and automating these mission-critical shipment transactions means reducing the risk of manual entry errors, improving service and protecting your customer experience.


Dedicated Web


System has a dedicated portal where you can go to see the status of any active shipment, as well as review in-depth data on any specific shipment, carrier, customer or location.

Flexible Data


Leverage not only carrier data but also third-party data sources to triangulate with your logistics services provider for a clearer picture of what’s really going on.



Connect to hundreds of carriers large and small in any geographic region or transportation mode around the world.

Total Lifecycle


Get real-time connectivity with carriers and other third-party service providers in real time throughout every phase of the shipping lifecycle from origination to proof of delivery.

14 %

reduction in
shipment errors

6 %

average reduction of shipping costs

100 %


Connect with Carriers Now

Stop the guesswork and risky oversights. Know what’s really going on within logistics service provider operations in real-time through the Elemica Move™ Transport Execution module.