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What are you missing right now? Let Elemica See™ plug you into your supply chain to get a real-time supply chain snapshot. Connect with a technical advisor to learn more.

More Supply
Chain Visibility

Never miss a detail by digitally connecting with mission-critical trading partners. Elemica See™ is a powerful supply chain visibility tool that lets you monitor your supply chain in its entirety, from suppliers to service providers and beyond worldwide. See beyond the enterprise to lower costs, reduce risk, improve quality and strengthen customer retention.

Get Real-Time

Your supply chain never sleeps. With Elemica See™, you’ll get insights into the orders, shipments, deliveries, purchases, inventory, forecasts, processes, projects and more. All while giving you the information you need to streamline operations and reduce risk exposure.

Make Better Decisions

The Elemica See™ solutions suite keeps you plugged into mission-critical supply chain data so you can get information now, when it matters, rather than when it’s too late.


Elemica See™ improves supply chain ROI by bringing visibility, insights and real-time intelligence to dozens of transaction types outside of the enterprise. Reduce working capital, avoid stock-outs, foresee risk events, improve customer retention and more.

Take the Guesswork
Out of Supply Chain

Connect with partners for true, real-time visibility through the Elemica See™ solution suite. Reach out to a technical advisor.