Real-time order status adds a lot of value for both you and your trading partners. The Elemica See™ Pulse module digitally connects and correlates transaction data so you can bring visibility to order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes with more confidence.


True Clarity through


When so many trading partner and third-party systems are in play, how is it possible that nobody understands real-time order status? Now you can monitor orders across the supply chain for real-time order status with greater accuracy.

Protect Customer


With visibility and real-time order clarity, you’ll be able to improve customer service and retention. This means not only less risk pertaining to a particular order but also less risk of losing buyer confidence—or the entire account.

Maintain Steady Supply

Use Pulse to keep up with inbound orders for more visibility and control regarding supplier activity. With the Elemica See™ Pulse module, your enterprise can reduce the risk of stock-out or disruptions and better assess supplier performance.

Optimize Internal


This powerful module also helps you make the most of your team, time and OPEX budget. Its real-time visibility enables management-by-exception, helps reduce working capital, leans up staff time and fuels improvement through analytics.


Dedicated System


Get real-time visibility of the order and shipment across its lifecycle using a custom portal you can access through any internet-enabled device. The system even integrates with the Trace module, so you can map shipments in real time.


Intelligent Integration

The system connects and integrates an unlimited number of internal, trading partner or third-party data sources for better insights. It also maps data against a flexible business process framework for more context and actionability.

Delivers Proactive


Get early warning detections whenever the system identifies a potential issue. System uses both machine learning and our proprietary Reality Check™ algorithm to keep you better informed over time.

Streamlined UX

Unlike ERP solutions, the Elemica See™ Pulse module is easy to navigate when you’re looking for the true status of the order. No more frustrating hunts through a labyrinthine system with tons of information but no answers.

7 %

lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
on average

15 +

financial and operational metrics improved

300 %

greater transaction confidence

Monitor More Proactively

Lock in your understanding of order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes by better connecting and correlating transactional data with the Elemica See™ Pulse module.