Track and map order shipments in real-time for more timely updates, tighter ETAs and an improved ability to get real-time shipment location when it’s most useful. All in a way that helps improve customer service and ensure sourcing reliability.


Get Real-Time

Shipment Location

The system integrates a wide spectrum of internal, trading partner and third-party transaction data to help you deliver real-time shipment location with newfound accuracy. No more guesswork, carrier data blindspots or questions of accountability.

Improve Customer

Service and Retention

Arm yourself with the ability to give customers real-time shipment updates on demand. Better yet, discover shipment issues and proactively address them before customers ever find out there was a potential problem.

Ensure Sourcing


Accurately track inbound materials, components, parts and ingredient shipments to ensure strong management of supplier deliveries. Reduce the chance of a stock-out or operational disruption while being able to better initiate contingency planning.


Data-Rich Map and


The Elemica See™ Trace module lets you see a real-time map of delivery location, complete with an overlay of traffic and satellite data. And Trace integrates with the Elemica See™ Pulse module so you can review order-level data as well.

Proactive Shipment


You’ll also get warnings about potential trouble shipments. Delivery ETAs are recalculated with each location update, the system can send configurable alert emails and it uses the Reality Check™ algorithm to predict potential problems.

More Complete

Data Integration

Hundreds of disparate systems can’t deliver a consistent location—but connecting all of these systems and adding innovative intelligence can. Finally bring ERP, third-party and trading partner data together for accurate tracking.

24 / 7

portal availability

9 %

average on-time delivery improvement

15 +

operational and financial metrics improved

Find That Shipment Now

Give yourself the power to make sure shipments are executed with strength, tracked with accountability and understood every step of the way 24/7 around the world.