Streamline the
Order-to-Cash Cycle

Elemica Sell™ is a suite of modular solutions that connect sales order information directly to your ERP to make order processing faster, easier and more economical than ever. Order-to-cash automation streamlines and accelerates mission-critical business functions such as sales order management, vendor managed inventory, delivery schedules and invoice compliance.

Speed Up

Eliminating time-consuming manual work surrounding customer orders fractionalizes order entry time in a way that makes a huge difference to sales velocity. By connecting your enterprise directly to buyers, every aspect of the transaction is streamlined to help you make more money, more quickly.


Conventional procure-to-pay is mired in unnecessary overhead and spend. Supplier automation helps eliminate avoidable fees and costs, ensure accurate discount capture, right-size your team and invest resources more wisely.

Reduce Order
Errors and

Mistakes happen. But Elemica Sell™ helps your team stay on point and spend less time dealing with oversights by using digitization, connectivity and automation to help prevent errors and rework.


Inconsistent sales-related processes make it difficult to institute process improvements—especially from a financial perspective.

Ready to Sell the Smart Way?

Put powerful connections to work for your order-to-cash cycle with Elemica Sell™ today. Getting started is easy; just connect with a technical advisor.