Delivery Schedule

Most buyer systems are set up for purchase orders. But that’s not much help when it comes to managing scheduling agreement data. Our Delivery Schedule module automates the exchange of scheduling agreement data to eliminate tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets.


Eliminate Manual


Scheduling agreement data is automatically exchanged in real-time, freeing up those previously responsible for time-consuming spreadsheet population to do other, more strategic, tasks.

Reduce Delivery

Schedule Errors

Because demand signals are automatically routed across the Elemica platform, no manual data entry of scheduling agreement information is required. That means fewer errors and less stress for all parties involved.

Protect Customer Service

and Relationships

Small oversights in scheduling delivery data can result in big problems for your customers—and theirs. Make sure your team gets it right with direct ERP-to-ERP connection of scheduling agreement expectations.


Format Flexibility

Process scheduling agreements across a variety of data formats including IDOC, GUSI, cXML, x12, Edifact and others.

Multifunction Actions

The system can generate, change or cancel orders as needed—using matching algorithms that execute the transaction instantly and error-free.

Ship Notice Integration

Once a product is shipped, meeting scheduling agreement commitments, a notice is issued which prevents the shipment from being subject to change.

Flexible Configuration

Custom configure products and locations based on flags or horizons for easier analysis and management.

16 %

fewer delivery schedule errors on average


average of hours saved annually on spreadsheet management

100 %

of users responded they “could not imagine going back to the old way”

Automate Scheduling Agreements Now

Ditch the frustrating spreadsheets that represent a disaster waiting to happen. Digitize, connect and automate your scheduling agreement-based accounts with Elemica.