Elemica ENRICH

Digital identifiers assigned to things like products, services, locations and more can become inconsistent across trading partners–creating big problems. But the Elemica ENRICH module corrects for these inconsistencies, standardizing across the supply chain.


Simplify Data Management

The Elemica ENRICH module works across your network of trading partners to convert product, location and other important identifiers into more consistent and accurate data. Get everyone on the same page for more data quality and value.

Protect the Customer Experience

These seemingly small data inconsistencies can cost your business big time when they cause customer frustration or delays. Solving for consistent identifiers across suppliers, partners and your enterprise can help keep orders and production on track.

Ensure Contract and Regulatory Compliance

Make sure contract needs are met regarding not just products and services but also packing units, volume and other details. Better data consistency also provides more protection against regulatory compliance by getting the details right.

Save on Confusion and Connections

Rework. Rerouting. Delays. From lingering back-office confusion following mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to lengthy conversations with suppliers–ENRICH helps sales, service and operations personnel make better use of their time.


Corrective Action Alerting

The Elemica Sell™ ENRICH module automatically flags order lines with unrecognized identification values and provides an alert–so you can address the issue before costly problems arise.

Advanced Data Pre-Processing

System also performs extensive pre-processing of data to check basics such as location, product, service, packaging, volume or units or measure identifiers to make sure everything lines up prior to confirmation.

Integrates with Existing Systems

ENRICH works with your existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems, improving the data that's fed into these platforms for a more stable execution environment.

Comprehensive Data Review

System determines sold-to, sales org and other critical order fulfilment data.

21 %

average improvement in data consistency

0.05 %

better order accuracy on average

100 %

of partner data channels addressed

Improve Data Quality Now

End the mistakes and confusion. Get everyone on the same page with the Elemica Sell™ ENRICH module. Ask a rep about ENRICH using the button below.