QuickLink Accelerate

Entering email-submitted order info is a time-consuming manual process prone to errors. QuickLink Accelerate enables email order automation that delivers faster and more accurate processing of long-tail customer purchases.


Accelerate Order

Email order automation saves time. On average, QuickLink Accelerate takes single-order process time from 30 minutes to approximately 120 seconds or less! Increasing the pace of entry at this level helps optimize both personnel and capital.

Improve Order

Order entry errors frustrate customers, complicate back-office operations, add expense and damage your reputation. With direct upload and intelligent field mapping QuickLink Accelerate limits the change of human entry error for greater accuracy.

Strengthen Customer

It often takes 10 correct orders to earn back the trust from just one mistake. QuickLink Accelerate helps you get it right so you can make customers happier and keep them longer—for more lifetime customer value and a higher net promoter score.


Order Change Support

One of the few systems in its class to make order changes faster and easier.

Master Data Management

Inherent network-level MDM delivers orders with your product, location, and unit of measure codes.

Customer/Team Based Optimization

Team-based user management and customer-based security model.

Advanced Machine Learning

Multiple machine learning ML models for automated map-less data extraction.

Robotic Process Automation

The Elemica Sellâ„¢ QuickLink Accelerate uses robotic process automation to embed customer service knowledge into the automate work process.

2 Minute

order processing on average


customer effort required for implementation


reviewable conversion for quality purposes

Accelerate Orders Now

Stop wasting thousands of hours and millions of dollars on labor-intensive order entry. Speed up your growth the smart way with QuickLink Accelerate.