QuickLink Automate

Manually entering email order information into your ERP system is both time consuming and error-prone. QuickLink Automate captures inbound email order info and converts it directly into ERP data—providing email order automation without a complicated back-end integration.


Automate Email

Order Entry

Convert email orders into real-time ERP demand signals for reduced errors, streamlined order admin with less overhead and better On-Time and in Full (OTIF) rates overall.

Require No

Customer Action

Best of all, QuickLink Automate requires no complicated ERP integration. In fact, customers don’t need to take any action at all on their part. They can keep buying via email as they always have, without knowing anything has changed.

Process in

Real Time

Once QuickLink Automate has been implemented on your end, order information submitted via email will be converted into ERP order data in real-time, 24 hours per day.




Data integrated from QuickLink Automate isn’t just entered into your ERP; it can also be converted to your enterprise’s specific ERP order data codes for extra time savings and better accuracy.


Based Alerting

QuickLink Automate also flags potential issues from inbound order data, alerting the appropriate internal parties affected by the transaction.


Correction Screens

To ensure that data is converted correctly, the system provides special screens that let you review the incoming data to ensure that it’s being converted correctly. The module even saves a copy of the original order email for reference at a later date.

6 %

better average On Time and in Full (OTIF) rates

12 %

fewer order entry errors on average


minute average order entry (rather than 30)

Start Automating Inbound Orders

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