QuickLink Integrate

For those 20 percent of customers who help bring your business 80 percent of its progress, a direct ERP-to-ERP connection can pay huge dividends. QuickLink Integrate establishes back-office connectivity with these key customers for more order efficiency and accuracy. And we make it all happen with expert guidance for a smooth implementation every time.


Reduce Order Entry Admin

Get orders into the system in less than a minute, rather than stacking up a data entry backlog. Forget exporting, printing or emailing orders at scale. Instead of making your team miserable with tedious manual entry, automate these transactions and let them focus on truly helping your best customers make more progress.

Accelerate Order-to-Cash

With your core customers submitting orders immediately into your ERP system, you’ll be able to execute more quickly—and get paid more quickly as orders work through their lifecycle.

Improve Order Data Quality

Rather than expose orders to potential human error, your team can automate this process so that the instances of incorrect order entry are minimized. These customers are your most important, and deserve the reduced risk and increased confidence that comes with direct ERP order entry.

Deliver More Responsive Service

QuickLink Integrate also lets you improve customer service by speeding up the order lifecycle, getting on customer demand more quickly and improving KPIs relating to customer sales responsiveness.


Fast-Track Implementation

With decades of both technology and supply chain experience, our team can guide you through implementation without the stress. We understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and can help get you there without excess time or cost.

Safe, Responsible Data Connectivity

Connecting to Elemica means knowing that your company’s data and environment are safe from technical risks or threats. Many of the world’s leading corporations entrust their digital supply chain to Elemica.

Universal Translator™

Orders will connect to our platform’s Universal Translator™, which integrates and translates a variety of order-related information from various file types, environments, formats and protocols to keep everyone aligned on the specifics of the transaction.

Streamlined Order Communications

Deliver order confirmations, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), invoices and more directly to key customers quickly through their ERP.

19 %

reduction in order admin on average

28 %

more accurate order data on average

400 %

faster new order entry on average

Integrate Key Customers Now

Get closer to your key customers with real-time order connectivity that helps everyone get ahead. Start fast-tracking orders from your key customers with the Elemica Sell™ QuickLink Integrate module today.