Sales Order Management

Fully automate the order-to-cash process by digitizing any order-related document. From purchase orders to quality-related paperwork—eliminate manual order entry into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for a stronger and more streamlined process. And the more trading partners you connect, the more you save.


Order Processing

Enterprises still entering orders manually into their ERP system spend hundreds—and oftentimes thousands—of hours on order processing. The Elemica Sell™ Sales Order Management module fractionalizes required entry time through automation.

Improve Customer
Service and Retention

Manual document entry means errors. The cost of these errors doesn’t include just rework, shipping and other avoidable expenses—it also includes lost customers and a slower rate of growth. Automating the entry of sales order documentation means getting it right the first time and keeping customers happy.

Automate for All
Customer Classes

For many supply chain connectivity solutions, the economic case for connecting a customer is highly dependent on the trading partner sales volume, and it’s often tough to justify a large percentage of long-tail customers. But Elemica’s Sales Order Management makes it economical to connect trading partners of all sizes.

Automate Processes. Optimize Resources.

According to one recent study, 41 percent of managers claim that manual sales order entry distracts their team from performing more strategic tasks. This module frees these people up for more profitable tasks such as upselling, cross-selling and strengthening customer satisfaction metrics.

Digitize Any Order Document Automatically

Digitize and automate the entirety of your trading partner base from high-volume to long-tail. Any document type in any format can be digitized and automated to streamline sales order management.

Sales Order Management

Optimize Your Order Process

Speed up your pace of business, make the best use of resources and stop doing things the hard way with the new Elemica Sell™ Sales Order Management module.