Elemica's Patented
Universal Translator™

The backbone of Elemica’s network is our proprietary Universal Translator™. This advanced supply chain platform seamlessly translates and transmits millions of transaction variables in real time. Times zones. Units of measure. Applicable taxes and fees. By converting transaction details into universal business documents, the Universal Translator™ helps keep everyone aligned regarding details such as:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Order
  • Shipping Orders
  • Shipping Documentation
  • QA/QC Documentation
  • QA/QC Processes
  • Inventory Levels
  • Invoices

Our Supply Chain
Platform in Action

Incoming Data

Supply chain data is fed into the Universal Translator™ through connections to Elemica from the client. This data could represent any of hundreds of transaction types such as sales orders, invoices, demand forecasts, ship notices and more. The Elemica platform accepts this data in a way that’s 100 percent data agnostic—in a variety of formats and from any type of ERP or supply chain information environment.

Elemica Platform

Each piece of data contained in the message is parsed and mapped to a specific field. A Universal Business Document (UBD) is created for each type of document or data type that will be sent through the Elemica network. This document comprises the transaction’s core data and can then be used over and over again to connect and send data to hundreds or thousands of trading partners.

Trading Partners

The platform then sends the information from the UBD to all relevant trading partners in a way that makes sense to each party. That means all relevant conversions for time zone, units of measure, differences in terminology, etc. would be considered, converted and transferred.

Ready to Put the Platform to Work for You?

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